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Siten skapad 2008-08-06 
och är under uppbyggnad


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En ny kaliber är född i hjärtat av Sörmland i juni 2008.


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This was cearted 2008-08-06
and is under construction


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This new caliber was born late june 2008 in the heart of Sörmland Sweden






If you take two old favorites like 9,3x57 and 8x57JRS, what do you get?
You take the Cartridge Case from 8x57JRS and you calibrate with 9,3x57
Mauser tooling you get the innovative 9,3x57R.SE Sparreholm Express




This new caliber was tinkered by my good friend Anders Lindell Sörmland Sweden in june 2008.


I have been thinking to build myself a new Double-Rifle and started to look for a suitable donor. It took some time to find this gun that is a cal 20 sbs shotgun. More details on the project pages.


Now I had a suitable shotgun to start building a DR, looking at the gun I then had to find a suitable caliber. A low pressure cartridge is a must so I  was looking around for many alternatives from 22Savage to .256 MS. Then we had a discussion at the shootingrange and Anders came up with this idea of marrying these two calibers and the Sparreholm Express was born. The funny thing is that it seems the 9,3x57 is one of the few 'German' cartridges that has not been made as Rimmed until now.






New brass for the DR,
who is going to be first?




Will try to get some neutral 8x57JRS brass and do the engraving inhouse.


More details as the project moves on is found on the PROJECT pages.

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tecno at 93x57r.se

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