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Double Rifle Project ala tecno




Located this cal 20 side by side shotgun in june 2008 at a dealer in Sweden, new unused and a unknown gunmaker *HAWK* and decided to have the gun as the donor for my DR project. Decided later however to keep the shotgun barrels and build me a new DR barrel set.


A lot of tinkering around this gun and suitable cartridge, lot of discussions as well as reading about pros and cons on cartidge candidates took place.


Decided to go for a new rimmed caliber namely 9.3x57R.SE Sparreholm Express


On the following pages you will be able to see the progress of this project.
Looking forward to comments via email, so feel free to write to tecno at 93x57r.se


Take care out there

Bengt Sjölund





Hawk caliber 20
side by side shotgun